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Bruins Step To It Part 2: Resources to Step it Up

People often underestimate the power of a simple walk. We not only walk to get to where we want to go, we walk to clear our heads, get exercise, and enjoy the scenery. This blog is part 2 of Bruins Step To It, a three part blog series on walking. If you missed Part 1, […]

UCLA Fitness Passes: Unlimited Classes, Lit Activities

UCLA Recreation’s GroupX and Yoga Passes provide unlimited fitness classes to students each quarter in a wide spectrum of activities. Classes often repeat quarter to quarter, along with adjustments based on popularity and student feedback. This quarter, the GroupX pass delivers dance workouts and conditioning classes with exciting names such as Booty Kickin’ Barre, POUND, […]

Meet MoveWell: A Recap of the Fall Quarter Mixer

Hey there Bouncing Busy Bruins!   We hope you had a chance to stop by the MoveWell Mixer on Thursday, October 11! In typical ThursYAY! fashion, the Court of Sciences was buzzing with activity. Instead of walking past the open spaces, students going to and from their classes engaged with their peers and gigantic versions of childhood […]

Eudaimonia Society Spotlight: Ryan Arroyo

Eudaimonia is defined as: a sustained form of wellbeing that goes along with finding meaning and purpose in life or human flourishing. The Healthy Campus Initiative launched a new Eudaimonia Society in order to recognize and highlight extraordinary members of the UCLA community who live their lives with purpose and meaning while inspiring others to […]

ThursYAYs: Get Ready to Start Moving in South Campus!

Hello my Bruin Movers and Shakers! I hope you are all getting the rest you deserve during this Spring Break and are ready for some amazing things we have in store for you during Spring Quarter! Most students, staff, and faculty would agree that UCLA’s campus is gorgeous. However, most of us spend our time […]

Movement Breaks: A Colorful Adventure

Hello, Bruin Movers and Shakers! Ever felt like you just need a break during class when the lecture is droning on and your body is getting lethargic? Ever just wanted to get up for a quick second to get the blood moving through your body? Well we have another amazing example to show you! Taking […]

YOGAtta check this out!

Hello, Bruin Movers and Shakers! Hope your quarter is wrapping up nicely as we make it to the end of finals. But just because our brain is getting a workout doesn’t mean we should forget about our bodies! And what better way to get some movement into your day than some free mindfulness yoga? Courtesy […]