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ThursYAYs: Get Ready to Start Moving in South Campus!

Hello my Bruin Movers and Shakers! I hope you are all getting the rest you deserve during this Spring Break and are ready for some amazing things we have in store for you during Spring Quarter! Most students, staff, and faculty would agree that UCLA’s campus is gorgeous. However, most of us spend our time […]

Movement Breaks: A Colorful Adventure

Hello, Bruin Movers and Shakers! Ever felt like you just need a break during class when the lecture is droning on and your body is getting lethargic? Ever just wanted to get up for a quick second to get the blood moving through your body? Well we have another amazing example to show you! Taking […]

YOGAtta check this out!

Hello, Bruin Movers and Shakers! Hope your quarter is wrapping up nicely as we make it to the end of finals. But just because our brain is getting a workout doesn’t mean we should forget about our bodies! And what better way to get some movement into your day than some free mindfulness yoga? Courtesy […]

Funtastic Benefits to Taking Breaks

Hello, Bruin Movers and Shakers! Everyone here at MoveWell hopes that you are hitting those finals out of the park and keeping up with a healthy lifestyle! Those of you completely invested in studying may feel like you can’t bear to take a quick break, but breaks will definitely help your studying process in the […]

MoveWell into Fall at UCLA

Hello, Bruin movers and shakers! I hope you all had a wonderful summer, filled with fun activities. Now that we are back for fall it’s time to get back to the grind! But just because the quarter can be a little overwhelming sometimes doesn’t mean your movement has to be too! Here are some amazing […]