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Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine!

Hello, my Bruin Fitness Pals! I hope you are having a great spring quarter so far! Speaking of spring, do you know what that means? Spring cleaning! Although that usually refers to actual cleaning, we’re going to help you spruce up your fitness routine. Here’s some tips to help revamp your fitness regiment: 1. Try […]

Movement Breaks: Choose Your Own Adventure

  Hello, my Bruin Fitness Pals! Do you ever feel that some classes are just way too long and you need a break? Do you ever feel like sometimes you just can’t stand to sit for any longer, even in those 50 minute classes? Well some amazing professors have a solution for you! The Move […]

Yoga and Yogis: You’ve Gotta Check it Out

In a place like Los Angeles, we hear about yoga almost everywhere we go: celebrities use it to stay fit, just about every other person walking next to you has a yoga mat slung over their shoulder, and Lululemon products are popping up all over the place — but, what exactly is yoga? A quick […]

How to overcome your fear of the gym

  The first time I ever entered a gym I was intimidated, I was afraid. I loved to work out; all throughout high school I did sports every season of the year, so I considered myself an athlete. Physical activity…it was my entertainment, my distraction, and my stress reliever. But, I realized I had never […]

Beat Writers: The Pulse of UCLA Club Sports

Look around you. Our campus is filled with incredibly hard working students, staff, faculty, and world-class athletes. If you’re lucky, you may even spot an Olympian or two causally sitting in one of your lecture halls, or a MacArthur Fellow teaching one of your classes. My point is this: UCLA’s hyper-competitive nature gives it its […]

What’s Shaking Around UCLA?

Hello, my Bruin Fitness Pals! Have you been wondering what fitness events are shaking up UCLA? Well have no fear, I am here to help you move and even de-stress with an update on loads of programs sweeping through UCLA! UCLA Rec UCLA Rec has added a lot more amazing new classes for great prices! […]

5 Tips To Sticking With Your Fitness Plan!

I can’t believe it’s already the middle of January and week 3 of Winter Quarter! Where has the time gone? It feels like my New Year’s resolutions are a thing of the past! If you’re like me, sometimes you wanna just give up on your resolutions, or your fitness plan in general. (And no worries […]

5 Easy Tricks to Adding More Activity to Your Day

What is the number one problem afflicting college students of today? LAZINESS. Just kidding! It’s actually stress! However, what does stress have to do with being physically active? Everything! I know it might be stressful to think about how to budget time out to exercise (look for some tips here on how to exercise with […]

The Benefits of Stretching during your Study Break

  As the quarter is wrapping up, students find themselves having a bazillion things to do. From finals to papers, deadlines are soon approaching! So, you’re studying and you’re losing focus. Students might not realize it but during those precise moments taking a five minute fit break and stretching out your muscles is a great […]

Quarterly Check-in: What’s Shaking in Move Well?

  Hello, my Bruin Fitness Pals! We are finally in the home stretch! Two more weeks left until winter break (or maybe even less for you lucky ones with early finals)! As the quarter comes to a close, I want to give you all one last update on the programs and projects MoveWell has been […]