How do you bring a sense of power to your daily self?

This Winter, HCI has sponsored a brand new course that explores the links between martial arts and personal empowerment. Through a hybrid approach combining critical readings in phenomenology (philosophy of experience) with weekly martial arts practice at the UCLA Department of Recreation, this seminar introduces UCLA undergraduate students who are new to martial arts to the practice and critical study of martial arts as a road to personal empowerment. Taught by Professor/Dance Historian Janet O’Shea (World Arts and Cultures/Dance) in collaboration with UCLA Martial Arts Program Director Paul “British Ninja” McCarthy, WAC174/Martial Arts, Phenomenology, and Personal Empowerment generates discussion and practical experiences centered on notions of power, embodiment, survival, self-defense, and physical mastery.

If you are a non-enrolled UCLA student or member of the campus community with an interest in learning more about how regular, rigorous physical practices like martial arts contribute to health and well being, the WAC/174 class is hosting an end of quarter martial arts demonstration, during week 10 of Winter Quarter. The martial arts demo is tentatively scheduled for March 12, 2015, date/time TBD. Check back with this blog and the Move Well Pod for details as the date draws near.


The UCLA Martial Arts program offers over 25 different styles of Martial Arts practices from over 10 countries to the entire UCLA community at UCLA Wooden Center. Martial arts classes are organized in an array of programmatic formats (classes, club sports, self defense program, etc.,).

More information is available here.

To view the UCLA weekly Martial Arts Schedule click here.

If you’d like a free introductory experience, consider enrolling in Bruin Self-Defense.

Here’s to practicing your best self!


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