Move Mail

By: FITwell Director Elisa Terry and and Move Well GSR Sarah Wilbur

You’ve heard the news: sitting is not good for your health.

It’s easy to sit at your desk for hours without moving, so FITWELL experts at UCLA Recreation have devised a way to inspire the UCLA community to get up and moving!

Introducing MOVE MAIL: a new daily email reminder program that includes quick (10-15 minute) workouts, instructional videos, walking routes, nutrition information, details about free campus movement classes, and more incentives to shake up your daily movement practice.

UCLA staff, students, and faculty who work predominantly at a computer can all benefit from Move Mail’s variety of suggestions. By signing up for MoveMail, you will receive daily messages from this team of movement experts at 10am and 2pm each day. While we encourage you to get up and move around during your daily routine as much as possible, these messages will keep your ideas and approaches “fresh” and support your commitment to moving often and moving well, towards positive health!

To subscribe to Move Mail, please click here.

MoveMail is among the newest FITWELL initiatives supported by the UCLA Healthy Campus Initiative (HCI). The program compliments the diverse campus-wide movement programs that are currently available through UCLA Recreation, including:

For more information

Contact the FITWELL desk by calling (310) 206-6130, or e-mail us at

Or, you can visit the MoveMail webpage and social media handles:

Onward we MOVE!

– The Move Well Pod


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